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China launches first Giant Panda Valley in Sichuan

Updated: Oct 5,2014 6:03 PM     Xinhua

The Giant Panda Valley in Sichuan province.

China has launched its first-ever Du Jiang Yan Giant Panda Valley in Southwest China’s Sichuan province. It’s part of efforts to reintroduce pandas into the wild.

Four of the six pandas that are selected as the first residents of the valley.

The Valley is located in the forest hills just fifty kilometers away from Chengdu, the panda’s natural habitat. The Panda Valley is close to the Longxi-Hongkou Nature Reserve, which also has pandas.

The gate of the valley.

The valley will be divided into three main areas: a District for Research and Education, plus another two areas to help reintroduce pandas to the wild. The giant pandas will be going through one area at a time. So far, over three-hundred and fifty giant Pandas are living in captivity.