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Tianjin to select outstanding citizens for Summer Davos Forum

Huang Tiantian
Updated: Jul 3,2014 4:36 PM

The 2014 Summer Davos Forum will be held in Tianjin from Sept 10 to 12. Tianjin will select eight outstanding citizens to join Summer Davos Forum ceremonies, conferences and activities.

The selection consists of four sections: registration, interview, quarterfinals and finals. The representatives need to be residents of Tianjin that have good English skills and have made contributions to the city. Citizens can apply by themselves or through others’ recommendations. If citizens are going to apply by themselves, they can call the hotline (022-23345878) or log on to the Summer Davos website. The deadline for registration is July 8. After entry, the committee will choose 100 candidates from the applications. The 100 candidates will have interviews, and 40 of them will move on to the quarterfinals. The 40 candidates will have speech and debate competitions, and eight of them will become 2014 Tianjin Summer Davos representatives.

In the past, 13 Tianjin citizens were representatives at the Davos Forum, reflecting the best aspects of the city. The whole process of this year’s selection will take about two months. Representatives will show up to different activities and give speeches at the Davos Forum.