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Internet Plus adds unexpected convenience to people’s lives

Updated: Jan 18,2016 1:43 PM

A worker at a pig farm in Tongxiang, Zhejiang province, demonstrates how to monitor videos and real-time data from the farm using a mobile phone. The manager of the farm says they will provide new experiences to customers as people can get real-time information of the pigs’ progress and environment through videos on their mobile phones.[Photo/Xinhua]

Shao Lingshuang poses for pictures with the brand name of his company. In 2012, Shao and his team created a mobile application with which users can get real-time information about coming buses and road conditions.[Photo/Xinhua]

Ma Hongcheng, a chef of an Internet restaurant in Shanghai, goes to people’s homes and cooks for them after they place the order on their mobile phones. [Photo/Xinhua]

Ma Weihong, a staffer of an Internet massage company, offers door-to-door service to customers after they order massage services on the Internet. The company is doing business in seven cities including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.[Photo/Xinhua]