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Bullet train wakes up ‘city of beds’

Updated: Jan 12,2015 3:45 PM

Railway employee checks the tickets of passengers of D9022, a bullet train between Yanjiao and Beijing, at Yanjiao Railway Station in Langfang city, Hebei province, Jan 12, 2015. Three bullet trains between Yanjiao, dubbed “city of beds”, and the capital went into operation on Jan 12, providing more options for the intercity commuters.[Photo by Zhang Xiang/]

A stewardess of the train D9022 waits outside the carriage at Yanjiao Railway Station. The train is the only one of the three bullet trains to operate in the morning.[Photo by Zhang Xiang/]

Commuters living in Yanjiao get on the train D9022 on the first day of its operation. Before the train was launched, bus was the primary option the commuters had.[Photo by Zhang Xiang/]

All the tickets of the train D9022 were sold out on the first day of its operation.[Photo by Zhang Xiang/]

A railway employee stands outside the carriage of the train D9022 at Yanjiao Railway Station.[Photo by Zhang Xiang/]

Wang Han, who lives in Yanjiao but works in Zhichunlu in Beijing, said the bullet train D9022 will save him more than 30 minutes during his way to work in the morning.[Photo by Zhang Xiang/]

Zhou Hongyu, a Yanjiao resident who works in Wukesong in Beijing, said standing-room-only tickets were available when she booked her ticket on Jan 11, 2015.[Photo by Zhang Xiang/]

View of the bullet train D9022. Some passengers said the train, which starts at 6:46 am from Yanjiao for Beijing, leaves too early in the morning.[Photo by Zhang Xiang/]

Two passengers who bought the standing-room-only tickets sit on their luggage.[Photo by Zhang Xiang/]

Some passengers fell asleep on the train after it left Yanjiao at 6:46 am.[Photo by Zhang Xiang/]