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Nun gives gift of language

Zhou Guoqiang
Updated: Oct 7,2014 9:57 AM     China Daily

Drolma Choitso, a nun in Daocheng county, Sichuan province, carefully puts medicine on a bite on the ear of Tsering Lodroi, Aug 30, 2014. [Photo by Zhou Guoqiang / China Daily]

A young Tibetan nun teaches local children Mandarin so that they can have a better future, either in their hometown or in some other part of the country. Photographer Zhou Guoqiang captures some moments.

The photos were taken on Aug 30 in Daocheng county, Sichuan province.

Children take a break outside the home of Drolma Choitso, where they attend specially arranged classes.[Photo by Zhou Guoqiang / China Daily ]

At an ordinary house near the Pangphu Temple in Daocheng county of Ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture in Sichuan province, Southwest China, young Tibetan Buddhist nun Drolma Choitso is devoted to letting the young generation of local Tibetan people master Mandarin, the main language used throughout China.

Teenagers study Chinese with the nun inside her house. She also cooks their mea.[Photo by Zhou Guoqiang / China Daily]

Over the past two years, the 20-year-old nun from the temple has used her own home, 3,940 meters above sea level, as a temporary classroom. About a dozen teenagers are learning with her at present, some of whom are still at school and a few are trying to seek a career. Apart from teaching, Drolma Choitso loves to take care of them as well. She believes that there will better lives for the children who speak Mandarin.

Some of the bilingual teaching materials used in the class[Photo by Zhou Guoqiang / China Daily]

Tashi Phuntsog, 13, poses in front of the camera together with his teacher.[Photo by Zhou Guoqiang /China Daily]

Drolma Choltso gives special tuturing to Galsang Lhadron, 12.[Photo by Zhou Guoqiang /China Daily]