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Ties between China, Argentina achieve excellent accomplishments

Updated: Jan 8,2017 10:53 AM     Xinhua

BUENOS AIRES — Relations between China and Argentina boasted excellent accomplishments, Argentine expert Gustavo Girado has said, ahead of celebration of 45 years of diplomatic ties between the two countries.

The head of the Asia & Argentina (A&A) consultancy said that “the bilateral relationship of Argentina and China will become one of the two or three most important our country has globally.”

“This is even more so with the future protectionist stance that the US is leaning towards with its next president and the brutal economic fall of our main partner, Brazil,” he told Xinhua in an interview.

“In this scenario of global uncertainty, for Argentina, China is not only a greatly important trading partner, but also a special investor and political partner,” Girado said.

The consultant believed that “as a developing economy, China can be the voice of small and medium economies with which it shares global interests, as was shown in the G20, for example.”

“For Argentina, China is particularly important as it is our main supplier for capital goods,” Girado pointed out. “Argentina’s technological matrix is converging with Chinese export platforms, which will lead to better relationships between our business communities and people in the future.”

China now stands as Argentina’s second-largest trading partner, thanks to an ever more diversified basket of goods and a more balanced commercial partnership.

China is also the largest importer of Argentinean beef, claiming 40 percent of the country’s exports.

Equally, China has become a partner for Argentina’s most emblematic projects, including hydroelectric and nuclear plants, as well as building railways, clean energy plants and housing.

“Chinese investments in Argentina largely trend positively in this direction, given Argentina’s deficiencies in terms of technology, infrastructure, and the financing they require,” said the A&A founder.

“Today’s scenario would have seemed highly improbable 20 years ago, when there was almost no trade between both countries.”

“Today, over 100,000 Chinese people live in Argentina, which has led to increased and easier scientific, technological, cultural and educational exchanges,” Girado said.