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Ambassador applauds Sino-Russia ties

Updated: Nov 6,2016 4:45 PM

Chinese ambassador to Russia Li Hui published an article titled Connect strategies and share development opportunities, highly commending China-Russia relations as Premier Li Keqiang prepares to visit Russia and attend the 21st China-Russia Prime Ministers’ Regular Meeting.

With a deeper development of China-Russia relations, the two sides share more common interests. In May 2015, President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin signed a joint declaration on cooperation in coordinating the development of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) project and the Silk Road Economic Belt.

With a population of more than four billion, Eurasia’s total GDP accounts for more than half of the whole world’s number; and the total trading volume accounts nearly 70 percent of the global number. Eurasian countries are also important power maintaining regional and world peace. The cooperation in coordinating the development of the EEU project and the Silk Road Economic Belt can build a mutual-benefit cooperation platform and promote a prosperous development of the region.

Since the joint declaration was signed, China and the Eurasia Economic Committee has communicated closely and carried out multiple research works. At the end of May 2016, the Eurasia Economic Committee passed the decision to officially launch the negotiation with China.

China is willing to work with Russia and promote the coordination cooperation to a higher level. To create a new type of cooperation pattern, China can carry out bilateral and regional cooperation with EEU member countries and provide all-round support for cooperation. To make diversified cooperation platform, social organizations and private groups are encouraged to participate in cooperation projects.

Key projects, such as China-Russia-Mongolia Economic Belt, the new Eurasia Land Bridge and the Yangtze-Volga cooperation mechanism, will be promoted. Projects that can help improve the general cooperation capacity should be discussed and decided. Financial investment cooperation should also be deepened.

With important influence in Eurasia, Russia is also China’s good neighbor and partner. The two countries have high-level political mutual-trust, efficient practical cooperation, good cooperation mechanism and high-quality strategic projects. I believe the cooperation in coordinating the development of EEU project and the Silk Road Economic Belt will create new room for bilateral cooperation and bring new energy for the whole region.