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Chinese peacekeeping police to carry out UN mission in Liberia

Updated: Mar 14,2016 1:48 PM     Xinhua

MONROVIA — A new team of 140 Chinese policemen have arrived in the Liberian capital Monrovia and will carry out UN peacekeeping mission in the country where 85 percent of the population live below the international poverty line.

The riot police squad is tasked with maintaining security and order in Monrovia by patrolling, handling emergencies and guarding important figures.

The team, formed principally of border police from east China’s Zhejiang province, have been trained in international law, weaponry application, bodyguarding and English.

Liberia had witnessed political instability since 1980 when a military coup overthrew the True-Whing Party leadership, which led to the deaths of between 250,000 and 520,000 people and devastated the country’s economy. A peace agreement in 2003 led to democratic election in 2005.

Since 2003, China has sent peacekeepers to Liberia as part of efforts to back UN peacekeeping missions, currently, more than 500 Chinese peacekeepers are carrying out various UN missions in the country.