Government Offices Administration of the State Council

I. General Introduction

The Government Offices Administration of the State Council, founded in December 1950, is a directly subordinate division of the State Council for managing central government offices' affairs. Its former name is the Government Offices Administration of the Central People's Government Administration Council and started to use its current name in 1954.

The Government Offices Administration is mainly responsible for managing expenditure, financial affairs, official vehicles, state-owned assets and real estates of government offices, implementing housing reform, supervising and controlling housing public accumulation fund, and conducting air defense work, logistics reform and logistics cadre training.

It also serves the designated party and state leaders in their daily life.

The Government Offices Administration has the following administrative departments: Executive Office, Financial Management Department, Real estate Management Department (Central Government Offices Housing Reform Office), Service Department, Logistics Reform and Comprehensive Management Department, Central Government Offices People's Air Defense Office, Management Department for Beijing Offices of Provinces, Autonomous Regions and Cities, and Personnel Department; and the following institutions: Central Government Offices Procurement Center, Central Government Offices Housing Funds Management Center, Central Government Offices Public Servant Housing Construction Service Center, Central Government Offices Logistics Cadre Training Center, Government Offices Service Center, Hotel Management Center, Xishan Service Bureau, Beidaihe Reception Service Center, Magazine Of China Government Offices Logistics.

Major Functions

II. Current Leaders

Administrator: Jiao Huancheng

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Updated: Dec. 24, 2009