State Bureau for Letters and Visits

I. General Introduction

The State Bureau for Letters and Visits of the People's Republic of China is the administrative department under the General Office of the State Council responsible for handling letters and visits.

Its main responsibilities are to handle letters and visits from people both in China and abroad and keep free-flowing channels for letter-writers and visitors; to report the important comments, suggestions and problems that are expressed in letters and visits to the central authorities; to comprehensively analyze the information in letters and visits, carry out investigations and research, and make principle and policy suggestions; to accept the tasks assigned by the central leaders concerning letters and visits, and supervise and investigate the implementation of these leaders' instructions; to assign local authorities and departments tasks concerning letters and visits and supervise and investigate the handling of important letters and visits; to coordinate the handling of important letters and visits affecting two or more localities and departments; to coordinate the handling of visits by groups to the central authorities in Beijing and unusual and unexpected letters and visits; to investigate and coordinate the handing of letters and visits by Party, government and military departments at the central level and by local Party and government departments; to provide guidance over the handling of letters and visits nationwide; to study and draft principles, policies, laws and regulations concerning the handling of letters and visits; to review and disseminate the experience that localities and departments have gained in handling letters and visits, and make comments and suggestions on handling letters and visits; to keep abreast of the developing of officials responsible for handling letters and visits and organize training courses for them; to guide office automation; to publicize the handling of letters and visits and release information about it; and to coordinate international cooperation and exchanges in handling letters and visits.

The director of the bureau is Wang Xuejun, and its deputy directors are Yin Xibo, Wang Shiqi, Xu Jie, Wang Yaodong, Zhang Pengfa, and Zhang Enxi.

The bureau has seven functional departments. They are the General Office, the Handling Letters Departmentâ… andâ…ˇ, the Department for Receiving Visits, the Research Office, the Supervision Department, and the Department of Personnel and Education. In additional, it has the Office for Retired Personnel and two institutions: the Information Center and the Support Services Center.

The address of the bureau is NO.9 Xihuangchenggen Beijie, Xicheng District, Beijing, and its office for receiving visits is located at NO.1A, Yongdingmen Xijie, Xuanwu District, Beijing.

II. Current Leaders

Director: Wang Xuejun

Deputy Directors:

            Yin Xibo       Wang Shiqi       Xu Jie      Wang Yaodong   Zhang Pengfa    Zhang Enxi 


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