Subordinate bodies of the SOA

China Marine Surveillance Headquarters (Beijing)

Northern Seas Branch (Qingdao)

East China Sea Branch (Shanghai)

South China Sea Branch (Guangzhou)

National Marine Data and Information Service (Tianjin)

National Marine Environmental Monitoring Center (Dalian)

National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center (Beijing)

National Center for Satellite Application in the Oceans (Beijing)

Institute of Ocean Technology (Tianjin)

National Center of Oceanographic Standards & Metrology (Tianjin)

China Institute of Polar Research (Shanghai)

Hangzhou Research and Development Center for Water Treatment Technologies (Hangzhou)

First Institute of Oceanography (Qingdao)

Second Institute of Oceanography (Hangzhou)

Third Institute of Oceanography (Xiamen)

Tianjin Institute of Sea Water Desalination and Multipurpose Utilization (Tianjin)

Institute for Ocean Development Strategy (Beijing)

Marine Advisory Service Center (Beijing)

Office of Polar Expedition (Beijing)

Office of China Ocean Mineral Resources Research and Development Association (Beijing)

China Ocean Press (Beijing)

Office of Retired Staff and Veteran Cadres (Beijing)

Service Center of the Headquarters of the SOA (Beijing)

Beijing Training and Education Center (Beijing)